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Water & Sewer Installation in Regina, SK Canada

Water & Sewer

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Accurate Excavating also provides water and sewer line and system installation for Regina area homes and businesses. We also repair and replace existing water and sewer lines, excavating a trench as needed. Then we lay the pipe, install and connect the risers, sprinkler heads, faucets, and anti-siphon valves, and test the water supply. We ensure you have the water you need for drinking, bathing, doing dishes, gardening, irrigation systems, and much more.

Trench Excavation

excavated ditch

Our sewer line services involve excavating the trench, laying septic line piping, placing septic tanks, and inspecting the entire area in the process to look for backflow prevention capabilities, potential contamination concerns, and leaks. Our sewer installation experts ensure the trench bottom is properly and uniformly sloped and compacted, which prevents broken sewer lines pipes, system clogs, and other failures over time.

New Construction

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If you require water and sewer installation for a new construction project or repairs for an existing system, contact Accurate Excavating in Regina today.

Serving Regina, SK 306-581-0369